I’ve been in situations that have felt so wrong, I’ve just wanted to explode from the frustration and anger.

I’ve gotten completely lost and utterly stuck thanks to all the "shoulds" running amok in my mind.

I've been frustrated to no end trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, then daunted by knowing what I wanted but feeling like it was so far away I didn’t know how I’d ever get there.

I’ve also discovered how freeing and exciting it feels to let go of the thoughts holding me back and listen to my heart instead, to finally find my way, and to turn my dreams into reality. How did I get to this place? With the help of life coaching.

The most important thing life coaching has taught me is that the thoughts that pop up in my head are just that — thoughts — not necessarily truth. It’s my heart, which I also call my inner GPS, that really knows what’s going on. Learning to listen to it has had a profound and wonderful impact on every single part of my life—I’ve started this business, been on a few life-changing trips, connected with tons of wonderful people, and have a clear sense of who I am and how I want to live my life. I also feel a deeper sense of calmness, happiness, and confidence than I ever have before. I’ve finally come home to myself, and it’s the most empowered I’ve ever felt.

I know your inner GPS has lots of great plans in store for you, too, and I’ve got all sorts of fun ways to help you learn to hear and follow it. There’s no way for me to predict exactly what will happen when you work with me, but I can promise that if you put in the work, you’ll gain more confidence, clarity, direction, and purpose—and just think of all the things you can accomplish with that!