What if...?

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What if you followed your heart?

creative commons image by Megan Dougherty https://www.flickr.com/photos/magnusdigity/141542344/


What if, one day,

we all turned off our brains

and instead gave our hearts

full control of the reins?


Would you listen to shouldn’ts,

to can’ts, or to don’ts?

Would you think “That sounds great!”

then decide “But I won’t.”?


Would you let fear and worry

keep holding you back?

Ignore all the good stuff

and focus on lack?


Would you keep your true self

hiding deep down inside?

Give up on your dreams and say,

“Oh well, I tried.”?




Would you skip your to-do list

to do something fun?

Would you have a great time

with your favorite someone?


Would you say yes to things

that sound downright delightful

and say no to stuff that sounds

boring or frightful?


Would you do what it took

to make big dreams come true?

Would you let the world see

the unique, awesome YOU?


Now what if you lived your life

this way instead?

If you let your heart lead you

in place of your head?

You’d still get things done

(I can promise you this),

but you’d feel more joy,

more fulfillment, more bliss.


It’s not always easy,

so start with one thing—

just let your heart guide you

and see what it brings.

Through baby steps,

go towards what feels like love,

and one day you’ll be living

the life you’ve dreamed of.

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