So What Exactly is Life Coaching?

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Okay, show of hands…how many of you are wondering exactly what I do as a life coach? Is your hand raised? Yes? Keep reading! No? Go ahead and continue getting sucked into the Internet time warp (and keep your eye open for that hilarious cat video. You know the one I’m talking about…).

So here’s my general approach to coaching: I work primarily over the phone, which means I can connect with anyone anywhere, and we both get to be someplace we’re comfortable. We’ll talk for an hour, but this isn’t the kind of convo you’d have with your friends or relatives. The focus is solely on you. The space is safe and sacred: anything can be discussed, and there’s no judgment, just compassion and support. As you talk about whatever’s bothering you most, I’ll utilize my training and experience to listen deeply, jump in with powerful questions and observations, guide you through tough spots, and help you to the absolute best of my ability.

It’s not a venting session. It’s not a pity party. It’s not mental health care—that’s what therapists are for. Instead, it’s a time to dig in deep, to figure out what you really want and need, and to learn what’s holding you back and why. From there, we’ll work together to get you out of your own way so you can achieve your dreams. It’ll be up to you to do the heavy lifting, but you can be sure I’ll be in your corner every step of the way.
Regardless of what we work on, the overarching premise of every session is that you already know what you need to do. Now, if you’re feeling lost or stuck right now, reading this may have you think-yelling “But I DON’T, and that’s the problem!!” while giving me the virtual stink eye. I hear and respect that. But I’m still willing to bet the house that you really do know. I’ve seen it over and over, both through coaching others and my own personal experience. We all have blind spots. We all have thoughts and ideas and actions we resist, even when following through on them is in our best interest. It’s just part of being human, and often the key to breaking through is simply getting some outside help and opening yourself up to a fresh perspective.
So I hope this helps clarify things. Honestly, the best way to fully understand what life coaching’s about and how it can help is by experiencing it for yourself. That’s why I offer an on-the-house, obligation-free 30-minute consultation. If you’re interested in checking it out, head on over here to schedule your session.

In the meantime, what questions do you still have? Just post in the comments or email me at, and I'll be happy to answer.

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