Inner GPS vs Lizard Brain

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Say you’re interacting with a potential business partner and your stomach starts to clench up and feel nauseated. That’s your inner GPS’s way of saying, “Get away from this person as fast as humanly possible. Seriously—RUN!”

Then your thoughts, a.k.a. lizard brain, start in, saying things like, “But it’d be rude to stop this conversation now, plus this person can help me make lots and lots of money, so of course we’ll go into business together despite the fact that every interaction makes me want to barf.”

Tell me, from the outside looking in, which path do you want to follow?

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, say you hear about a free lecture at the local college that’s so up your alley, you feel giddy and almost want to jump up and down with excitement. (If you actually jump, more power to ya!) That’s your inner GPS saying, “GO!! It’s gonna be awesome!”

Of course, it’s immediately countered by your lizard brain, this time with, “But I don’t have the time to do that, and I should really be more productive, so I think I’ll just stay home and knit sweaters for the neighborhood squirrels, even though my arthritis is acting up again.”

Again, from your current perspective, which sounds better to you?

The crazy thing is, even when we get clear signals of which decision to make, so many of us end up following the lizard brain’s advice instead. Much of that comes from living in a culture that puts thinking and doing and sacrificing on a pedestal. And most of us worry about how people will react when we do something different than what’s expected.

But what happens when we do let lizard brain take over? Well, in the first case, ignoring your inner wisdom would get you into a truly miserable situation, and the money you might make probably wouldn’t be worth all the suffering you’d endure. In the second, you’d be missing out on a great opportunity that could be something fun to recharge your batteries—or maybe even be a way to meet a wonderful, brilliant person who later becomes a business partner you not only love working with but who also helps you make all your professional and personal dreams come true beyond your wildest imagination. (You just never know!)

 *           *           *

A big goal in my life is to choose my inner GPS over my lizard brain as much as I possibly can. It’s taken a lot of practice, but I’m getting better and better at it. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that the clearer I get on my right path, the easier it is to let go of worrying what others’ reactions might be; in fact, now it’s kind of fun to tell people what I’m up to and see how they react. (Considering I’ve always run the other way from any kind of conflict, I’ve come a long way, baby!)

Specifically dealing with my lizard brain’s a little trickier, since, well, it’s an instinctive (if overprotective) part of my brain, but I’ve got a lot of tools to deal with that, too. It’s constantly throwing thoughts my way, and I’ve learned to take ‘em all with a grain of salt. If something makes sense and feels okay, I go with it; if it feels oppressive or stressful in any way, I do what I can to let go of the thought so I can follow my heart instead.

Simple in theory, not always so in practice, but that’s part of what I signed up for when I joined this crazy game of life. And yes, sometimes following my inner GPS feels a lot harder than listening to my lizard brain, but I’ve seen over and over again that, in the long run, it’s worth it every time.


If you’re used to listening to your lizard brain, it can sometimes be a tricky transition to plug into your inner GPS instead. If you want some help, email me at to set up a free 30-minute consultation. xo, Katie

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