Baby Steps

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Due to moving, I’ve been quieter on my blog and social media the last month or so. All the packing, the actual move, getting settled, and then recovering took up the vast majority of my time and energy. But that didn’t stop ideas from popping up.

There were so many times I had to stop what I was doing to write down an idea for a blog post, and knowing I wasn’t going to be sitting down to flesh it out any time soon was a little torturous. Writers write, coaches coach, and I wasn’t doing either of those things that feed my soul (although, thankfully, I do actually enjoy the moving process, so at least I wasn’t in total hell).

When I’m inspired, writing these posts makes me lose track of time. It energizes me, and I feel like I’ve truly accomplished something once I’ve hit the submit button.  I love sharing what I have to say and knowing there’s a possibility I could impact others in a positive way.  It makes my essential self ridiculously happy.

So I’d blocked today off on my calendar to write, and I can’t tell you how much I’d been looking forward to finally digging back into things.

It’s not going how I’d hoped.  

I’m rusty. The flow isn’t there, and as I write this I realize that the slew of ideas that had been inundating me has slowed to a very sporadic and barely perceptible drip in the last week or so.

So I’m just trying to take it one step at a time, because I know eventually I’ll hit my stride again. And I know I need to keep writing because I can just feel it in my bones, even if my brain isn’t totally cooperating at the moment. There are words inside me—stories wanting to be told, insights wanting to be had, helpful tools wanting to be shared—but at the moment, I couldn’t begin to tell you what they are.

All I can do is listen to my inner GPS, follow it to the best of my ability, and trust in this crazy process I can’t begin to understand but believe in with all of my being.

And even if it doesn’t seem like I’m making huge strides at the moment, at least I’m taking baby steps—slow and not always so steady, but still headed in the right direction.

Today—and always—that is enough.

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